SlowMO Hawaii is proud to offer Honolulu’s BEST Slow Motion Video Booth! Regular photo booths are a thing of the past and Slow Motion Video Booths are where weddings and events are going. Our booths come with top of the line lighting, cameras, and equipment to ensure that you have the highest quality videos of your event.

Not only that! We have tons of props for guest to wear and background music to ensure you have fun.

You and your guests get to enjoy watching the live action happening in the booth and immediately after see the slow motion effects on a HDTV setup outside of the booth. Our staff will assist all your friends and family to make sure they get crazy!

3 HOUR SlowMo Booth – $1350.00 + Tax – Click Here and Book Now!

4 HOUR SlowMo Booth – $1450.00 + Tax – Click Here and Book Now!

5 HOUR SlowMo Booth – $1550.00 + Tax – Click Here and Book Now!


– SlowMo Hawaii will run the Slow Motion Video Booth for your event.

– SlowMo Hawaii will provide video clips of guests with music and will be posted to a Video Blog Roll on our website.

– SlowMo Hawaii will provide all props to be used for the Slow Motion Video Booth. These props can also be themed to some degree to match your event’s color scheme or vibe.

– SlowMo Hawaii will provide staff to setup, tear down, film, edit, and facilitate the Slow Motion Video Booth.

• Camera Man – Capturing the Slow Motion craziness!

• Scene Directors – people who are helping encourage participation in the booth and giving participants direction with which props to choose and creative / fun ideas to do in Slow Motion

– SlowMo Hawaii will provide an HDTV outside of the booth for guests to watch the real time action and immediate play back of events in slow motion. These trusses can be arranged in a few different ways to meet the size and setup of your event. Normal size requirements for the booth is 12’x16′.

– SlowMo Hawaii will provide you with edited final video from event. – All videos will be shot at 240fps in 1080p HD.

– SlowMo Hawaii will give an option for you to pick your own music.

– SlowMo Hawaii plays today’s best music to keep people high energy and having a great time while in the booth! – SlowMo Hawaii staff will hand out promo materials with information directing people to where they can find the videos posted.

Ask about having a custom backdrop and themes for your event!


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